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The "good old days" when you could drop a sign in your yard and people would flock to your door with offers- those days are gone. Today, you need a savvy professional with solid marketing experience to bring you the highest and quickest sale. Lana's experience in real estate, marketing and interior design make her uniquely qualified to help you prepare your property for sale and most importantly to get it sold in a timely fashion for the most amount of money the market will bear. She provides expert service, personal attention and real estate savvy to get you a successful transaction.

If you are a seller, Lana has the skills and marketing expertise to deliver the results you demand and deserve. When you are ready to put your property on the market, contact Lana 239.777.2532 for a confidential appointment and free market analysis.


Preparing Your Home for Sale

Selling a home in today's real estate market can be very difficult. If you prepare your home prior to putting it up for sale, however, you are more likely to make a sale quickly. Here is how to prepare your house to sell.

  1. Nothing is more of a turn off to a buyer than to see the seller's dirt. So, CLEAN!!! Every nook and cranny should be scrubbed so that all you must do is maintain it while it is one the market.

  2. Declutter! 80% of the items in any given room are not regularly used. Collections, family pictures, and any other items that could distract a buyer need to be cleared out. This way the buyer is looking at your home and not your stuff.

  3. Paint your walls a neutral color. This gives your buyer the impression that the home has been taken care of and allows them to visualize themselves there.

  4. If there is anything broken, fix it! Any unfinished project makes the buyer feel the home is not well maintained and that there are problems lurking. Remove all doubt and fix it now.

  5. Update. Light fixtures, hardware, and appliances are just some of the things that can easily update a home. Updated homes sell faster and for more money. So make some small changes for a big return.

  6. Give your home curb appeal. Remove the kid's toys, paint the front door, trim bushes and plant some flowers. Many buyers won't even go in a home if they don't like the exterior, so make sure they will like it!

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